Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall decor

Fall has arrived.......

I'm not sure whether to be glad or disappointed.  As much as it's a little sad to see our short summer end so quickly, I do like the comforts and routines of fall.

I decided as the temperatures dipped this weekend, it was okay to haul out the bucket of fall decor items.  I typically spread the items out over three or four place around the house, but this year decided to put quite a few of them in one display on the side table in my eating nook.  Maybe if it looks pretty the kids will be less tempted to use it as a dumping grounds (likely wishful thinking on my part, but worth a shot).

I also decided to try making a pumpkin out of some old paperback books as I've seen done by many on pinterest.  Other than the scissor blister on my finger, it was pretty darn easy!

All of the other items were in my stash, just arranged a bit differently than in the past.  I'm happy with on to "fall-up"  the other flat surfaces in my home!


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  1. Love your fall decorations! I did the same thing with mine this year...just placed them all in one spot.
    Thanks so much for sharing at the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop! Have a wonderful day.