Sunday, September 8, 2013

Using suitcases as storage

Why did I not think of this sooner????

I was storing all of these suitcases - don't ask why a family of five needs this many suitcases, that's another post entirely - AND I was storing shelves of blankets and sleeping bags AND I was storing buckets of off-season clothing.  WHY did I not think to combine these and save a lot of storage space????

My husband travels frequently and likes to have some suitcases easily accessible in the master closet and a few sizes.  We had not only a few suitcases but also packing cubes and such and carry on bags in the closet taking up very valuable space.

In the storage room we had the larger suitcases, a duvet that we only use during the winter, sleeping bags and the extra blankets we use once or twice a year when we go camping.  They were all stacked on shelving unit.  The first thing I did was collect all of the suitcases and decide which few to store in the Master closet and which to store in the storage room.  I then printed off some cute labels from here at justagirlandherblog.  I decided to attach them to the suitcases using rubber bands so they would be easy to attach and remove when we needed to use the suitcases.

The carry on bags went into one of the suitcases in the Master closet, the packing cubes and such into another, and the remaining two have my off-season clothing.  I want it to be easy to take my clothes out when we need to use the suitcases, so used some storage bags that I purchased quite awhile ago and never used.  Each of the suitcases have two of these bags so easy to just pop out.

By doing this I gained 2 shelves in the storage room and about three extra feet of shelf space in the closet, as well two less buckets of clothing to trip over in the storage room :).  Not necessarily 'pretty' storage but a great way to gain some extra space. 

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