Sunday, October 6, 2013

Closet shelf tidy

Today Becky at Organizing made fun suggested to focus on a shelf in the closet.

As I mentioned before, my husband hogs the closet.  This meant getting him on board to do some decluttering!  It actually wasn't even that difficult.  This is the before:

He went from 20 sweaters down to 13.  A few my teenager grabbed, but the rest went in the donation bucket.  I added the black wire "things" as dividers to separate his stacks, and a little stool the kids no longer use so I can reach to put his sweaters away.  The wire "things" were part of a set I used to use in my craft room but have been sitting waiting for a new use in the storage room.

And now we have some more room!  Maybe I'll even be able to claim some of it.


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