Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laundry Room Junk Drawer

Am I the only one that has a junk drawer in almost every room in the house???

I'm following along with Hilda at and her mission for the day was to declutter your junk drawer.  After looking at all 5 junk drawers in my house that could use a good decluttering, I decided to attack the one in the laundry room.  I recently posted a reveal on my laundry room face lift here, but I will admit that the corner cabinet and the drawer had been ignored.  By picking that one today, I'm one more step closer to completely finishing that room.

Here's the before (lots of stuff for a tiny little drawer):

I added a hook on the inside of the cabinet door for the lint brush and moved the mini Kleenex packs into a Kleenex box I covered with contact paper.  Once those two things got moved elsewhere, the garbage cleaned out and other things moved to where they belong, it was pretty easy to organize what was left.

I recently bought some cutlery trays at the $1 spot in Target for another organizing project and realized they didn't fit as well as I'd liked.  Low and behold, one of them fit perfectly in this drawer!  It slides along the edges of the drawer like it was made to fit.

Yay!  Another little organizing job completed.



  1. Great job Joann! I can't believe how well the organizer fit in your drawer!


  2. I know! I bought four of them to go in an Iris cart but they were just a hair too wide to fit two per drawer. After discovering this I went all over my house to see if I had another drawer this size!