Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interior Fridge Make-over

A few weeks ago, I saw some wonderful posts from crafty ladies who were using fridge liners, bins, etc. to make their fridge look pretty.

I've been using bins a bit, but unless I was the only one who used the fridge, trying to make it too organized would just cause me stress.  If I can get my teenagers to put the food back into the fridge, I'm happy.  Expecting them to only put it in it's proper place might be asking a bit much.

So, maybe fancy containers and labels, etc. was a bit too much but there's no reason why I couldn't make it look prettier than this:

Last week I found some plastic placements in a summer clearance for $0.49 each.  I bought 16 of them for this project.  I started with the door,s cutting the placements to fit the bottom of each shelf/bucket.  They fit perfectly width wise, so there was very little cutting required.

For the upper shelves I just set the placements on them, adding a little strip to cover the entire surface.  Since the bottom drawers is constantly being pulled in and out, I was worried the place mats may slip around so I first put down a slightly used, non-slip drawer liner cut to fit.

After all of the shelves and drawers were done, unfortunately I was about 3" short.  I left the gap on the upper shelf so it's not noticeable.

This is the one fridge organizing feature I would never go without again, a Rubbermaid turntable.  I bought it probably 10 years ago and it stills work great for bottles of dressing and such.  It's not meant for fridges, but it is very sturdy and handles the weight and the cold very well.

Now it was just putting everything back in - in a little more organized fashion.  I do use one storage bucket on the top shelf for baking ingredients (chia seeds, etc.) that the kids will never need to reach for, another for the block and loose cheeses to prevent them from getting lost, and the one in the left corner labelled "For School lunches - don't touch!"  I prepare as much as I can in advance and hate it when I try to make lunches and realize all of it has been eaten.


It's very difficult to get good photos of the interior of the fridge.  These may not look great, but I'm happy with the look when I open the doors.  It should also be a lot easier for quick spill clean ups.



  1. Great fridge makeover! Sweet yard sale find on the plastic placements. Thanks SO much for sharing at the Frugal Crafty Home Blop Hop! Have a wonderful weekend!