Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Decluttered and Organized sock drawer

I decided to follow along with Hilda at  http://fromoverwhelmedtoorganized.blogspot.ca for her 31 days of Decluttering.  Today was Day #1 - the sock drawer.

I bribed my family with a tasty pear cake for dessert and got them to each declutter their drawers too. If you're interested in that the recipe can be found here at Taste of Home.

My 16 yr old informed me he doesn't really have a sock drawer, he just throws them in with everything else. No wonder he always thinks he's out of socks!!  It didn't take long to convince him this probably wasn't the best idea.
The 13 yo was gung-ho and threw out a lot of holey ones, so he probably needs new ones.  Maybe that explains why he kept taking mine.
 My husband found a bunch of my oldest son's in his drawer so I guess I need to do a better job of learning whose is whose when I'm separating the laundry.  Either that or get the teenagers to start doing their own laundry.
The males all bought into the decluttering process, but none of them were interested in doing more than just throwing them all in the drawer.

My 11 yo daughter decided she wanted to have her drawer organized like mine.  So happy there is someone in the family who likes the idea of being organized.  She and I made a quick stop at JYSK on the way home from an errand and found these divided drawer inserts for $5 each.  I know we could have made our own, but this way it's done.  We are now both organized and decluttered!! (and we realized we both have a lot of socks.......)

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  1. Great job Joann! I love how you got your whole family involved and all the little things you learned about that status of socks on your home :) Glad to have you aboard for the series this month!