Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Water bottles and Travel mug declutter

Hilda must have heard the choice words I was saying under my breath last week regarding our water bottle drawer.  Today this was her mission on day 8 of 31 Days of Easy decluttering.

I was very fortunate in that we built our own home 8 years ago.  Not only did I design the floor plan, I also got to design the kitchen cabinets and such.  As a result, I have drawers throughout my kitchen.  Almost all bottom cabinets have large drawers rather than doors.  This works great, except when they are not full, things slide around or, in the case of water bottles, fall over every time you open or close the drawer.  I've envisioned creating dividers (almost like a sock drawer divider) for in these drawers, but it just hasn't happened.  Today, I decided on a temporary solution that may not be as good, but still a lot better than it was:
Drawer No. 1:  Water bottles and acrylic glasses

Drawer No.2:  Travel cups and large mugs

I recently purged the water bottles (yes, we had more than this two weeks ago), so I didn't have much I wanted to get rid of.  I do think I could get rid of a few more so will get the kids to help pick out which ones this evening.  With 3 kids in various sports and taking bottles to school each day, we do really need quite a few of them.  I know there are two at school right now and one in the soccer bag, but all the rest are here.  Sometimes the drawer only has a quarter of this and that's when it drives me crazy.  I added a few bins so at least there will be less sliding around.  We also use this drawer to store our acrylic glasses and such.

These are just inexpensive shoe box size containers I bought to use in my daughter's closet but we haven't got there yet so I'll pick up some more another day.

Drawer No. 2 houses the to-go cups and the larger coffee mugs.  My son and husband take a coffee each morning, I frequently take a tea to the kid's afternoon activities and the younger ones frequently take hot chocolate to their older siblings hockey games, so we actually do tend to use quite a few of them.  I'm hoping I can convince the 'men' to get rid of a couple of theirs to make some more more in this drawer so it isn't such a tight squeeze.  You'll see the back corner has a special bucket for MY to-go cups.  There's not many things I don't share with the family but they all know they don't dare put coffee in my tea containers!  

Thanks for the push to get these drawers done, Hilda.



  1. What a great solution Joann! Those bins will really help keep your bottles and cups standing. And I gotta admit, I'm a tad jealous you have so many drawers in your kitchen :)

  2. Very tidy! I need to do this with a few drawers in my house! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37!