Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seasonal swap time

I think it's time to finally admit that summer is over :(.

That means time to pack up the shorts and flip flops and get out the winter boots and cords.

Becky at Organizing Made Fun  and Hilda at From Overwhelmed to Organized both posted decluttering challenges that were perfect focal points for me today.  I'm enjoying following both of them on their 31-day challenges this month.  Quite often it's hard to know where to start so this is a great for me.

Becky suggested decluttering short hanging items in the closet.  I chose to go after only our pants today, since the entire closet was more than I had the time (or ambition) to tackle today.  Here's the before photos of both my husband and my pants section in our closet:

We both removed our summer weight pants and capri's (don't worry, that was just me), and replaced them with our winter/fall bottoms.  If you are interested in knowing how I store our off-season clothing, check out this post.  My husband also put 5 pair in the donation bucket.

A very quick but necessary task that resulted in this:

Hilda's decluttering focus was the entrance way shoes.  We seem to need to do this task twice a week.  We have lots of shoe shelving, but getting the teenagers to actually PUT things in there doesn't happen too often.  I hate to even show you the before photos, but here are a couple:

Here's another - yes, that's summer sandals, water shoes and winter boots.  Not really needing those both out at the same time.

So, my quick declutter was to put all the sandals in our off season bucket that we store in the garage and put the shoes on the shelves where they should be.

Now, if I could find a way to get the kids to put them on the shelves themselves...........

Not an 'exciting' organizing project but one that needed to be done.

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