Friday, October 4, 2013

Sofa table cleaned off & dressed up

I had previously decorated my side table for fall (post can be seen here), but had yet to get to the other flat surfaces in my home.

Today, Hilda's focal point at was to declutter your coffee table.  Since we don't have a coffee table I decided to focus on my sofa table.  It was definitely in need of decluttering - why the kids have to set everything there I don't know!  We've only had the table for a month, but it's already become a catch all.

This was the terrible before photo:

After putting most items back to where they belong and a quick swipe with glass cleaner, it was ready for some fall decor items.  These were all things I already had, just moved them here.  The boat shaped bowl was a gift my husband received from the local art gallery after having sat on the board for a few years.  We haven't had a spot for it in the past so glad I could find a use for it my fall decor.

And the full table - not easy to get a good photos with the large windows.

Another area done!


  1. It looks beautiful Joann!

  2. Wonderful transformation! Good job! Do you know where you got your sofa table from? I really like it, and we need one. Thanks!